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Everything you Need to Know about New Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and is growing fast, forever spreading into neighbouring villages and engulfing them. Historically speaking, old Delhi was the seat of power for the Mughal Emperor, considered the ruler of India and this, of course, gave way to the British Empire. Many monuments and buildings that the British built still stand witness to their 200-year old rule. This period was known as the 'Raj' which translates from Hindi into 'rule'. Today, the two Houses of Parliament and the residence of the President are located in Delhi. When the house is in session traveling around can be difficult with the numerous nearby roads being blocked off to allow VIP access.

New Delhi is a city of contrasts. Here, you have new malls and futuristic designs in modern buildings that can rival any city in the world. With bars and discos and swanky cafes this is like any contemporary city in the western world. Yet if you look behind the global appearance you will peep into the small secrets that make India the cultural melting pot that it is. There are various traditional festivals celebrated and fetes organized. Performing arts are showcased and so are artists.

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New Delhi Travel Guide

  • New Delhi Attractions

    New Delhi Attractions

    With such world-famous draws as the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and much more to visit, there's a lot to be Read More»

  • New Delhi Restaurants

    New Delhi Restaurants

    While the capital of India is famous for its five-star restaurants there are equally famous eateries in town that do not Read More»

  • New Delhi Nightlife

    New Delhi Nightlife

    Stand-alone pubs and discos are not very reputable in Delhi and if you are looking for a safe place to go it is better Read More»

  • New Delhi Shopping

    New Delhi Shopping

    New Delhi is known for its great shopping. In fact it is quite common for people from the neighbouring states of Punjab Read More»

  • New Delhi Activities

    New Delhi Activities

    With some of the best golf courses on the Subcontinent, world-class spas, exciting Go Karting and a veritable torrent of Read More»

  • New Delhi Information

    New Delhi Information

    Initially there were the buses run by the state government and the taxis run by private operators but recent years have Read More»

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