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Everything you Need to Know about Pune

The metropolis of Pune, located in the state of Maharashtra, is the second largest city in the state. It is situated in the western edge of the Indian subcontinent and is the eight largest city in the country. In existence since 937 A.D., Pune is known for its superior educational facilities and advanced facilities in information technology. This, however, does not diminish in any way its rich cultural heritage. Having established itself as the epicentre of culture in Maharashtra, Pune is widely regarded as the seat of the official language of the state, which is Marathi.

Pune is the one of the most important metropolitan cities in the state of Maharashtra and an alluring spot for tourists. It was once a stronghold for the Maratha Empire and is the birthplace of the founder of the empire, Shivaji. Pune is a highly industrialised city with special emphasis laid on education. Information technology and the automobile industry are advanced in the city.

Dotted with temples, palaces, museums and parks, Pune is an embodiment of the rich cultural heritage of the country. A thriving metropolis, Pune does not compromise when it comes to entertainment and nightlife, and thrives in bars, night clubs, multiplexes, shopping malls and restaurants.

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Pune Travel Guide

  • Pune Attractions

    Pune Attractions

    Pune and its surroundings are rich in cultural commodities and it’s an alluring destination for travelers. The museums, Read More»

  • Pune Restaurants

    Pune Restaurants

    With a predominantly youthful population made up of students Pune has a lot of cafes, fast food emporiums and Read More»

  • Pune Nightlife

    Pune Nightlife

    Known as the Cultural Capital City of the state of Maharashtra, there are a lot of places that you can go to and a lot Read More»

  • Pune Shopping

    Pune Shopping

    M.G Road is the best shopping destination in this city. Other than that there are malls and stores in areas like Laxmi Read More»

  • Pune Activities

    Pune Activities

    Anyone looking to find things to do while in the city will find that Pune does not disappoint in terms of activities. Read More»

  • Pune Information

    Pune Information

    Although technologically and ideologically at par with any modern city, Pune has not forgotten its heritage and history Read More»

Where to Stay in Pune

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