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Where and What to Eat in Cochin (Kochi)

Cochin is a traditional Indian municipality which has suddenly found itself playing host to foreigners since the tourist industry has arrived in town. As such there is only one decent pub in Cochin, although smaller and more modest entertainment venues do exist, although just for males.

Traditionally, ladies do not go out alone. If you are planning on an evening out, make sure that you do not go alone. A nice big group is preferable to a single escort.

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Fish Market at the Chinese Fishing Nets

If you are looking for a good seafood platter, just head to the promenade at the beach on Fort Cohin. Pick the fish you would like to eat out of the day’s catch then the chef from the shack will take over. Enjoy the view and the cool breezes while the seafood is cooked in front of you. If you just want it grilled they will do that and if you want to try spicy fish curry they will cook one up for you. Very reasonable rates if you can bargain well.

  • Location: Many small stalls at Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Cochin beach.

Formula 1

Nightlife is non existent in Kochi besides the Formula 1 DJ Pub. It is the only place that women can be seen partying at night, quite a rare thing for Kochi. All other pubs are essentially joints for men to get together and get sloshed. This place is actually owned by Swedish nationals and this accounts for the cut-above-the-rest music played here. It does not cater to the masses and the DJs belt out some of the best electro, techno, tribal and progressive house music.

  • Location: At the Venus, MG Road, on Ernakulam mainland, Kochi.
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The unique 12-page menu here traces the history of Kochi in Jewish, Syrian, Arabic, Portuguese cuisine along with a commentary on the last 700 years. In fact it is so popular that you can buy it as a souvenir. The food is good and somewhat expensive. There is a modest Indian Wine list on offer as well. A meal with alcohol can end up a bit luxurious but this is one of the hotels in Kochi with the most exorbitant interiors. Worth a visit.

  • Location: Situated in Hotel Brunton Boatyard on River road on Fort Cochin

Kashi Art Café

This is something of a local institution and eating a meal here is a must. You will not be served dinner here, just breakfast and lunch although snacks are available all through the day. The place is open from 08:30 to 19:00. It has a casual atmosphere and the service is rather casual too. The banana cake is quite popular. One side hosts a small gallery promoting local artists, which accounts for the name of the eatery. Food here is reasonably priced, the art is not!

  • Location: On Burgher St. in Fort Cochin.
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This dance-drama is the traditional nighttime pastime of Kerala and you must take in a performance at the Kerala Katlakali Centre. The show enacts themes from Indian mythology and folklore and complex facial expressions, of the eyes and mouth specially, are used to express the script. The makeup session and introduction to the Kathakali expression are the keys to understanding the play being enacted. The makeup session can be viewed an hour before the performance… it takes a long time to get the full war paint on. Just check the timings of the shows with the locals when you are there.

  • Location: River road on Fort Cochin. Another location is Art Kerala on the Ernakulam mainland. The show starts little later there.
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Malabar Junction

This eatery is set in the pavilion of Malabar house which is a hotel in Fort Cochin, a short distance from the beach. It is a classy restaurant with a European Menu and an Indian wine list. The food is good, the ambience is better. The place is fairly expensive and service is up to the mark. Most of the menu is based on the fresh seafood that is available on the beach.

  • Location: In Malabar House near Parade Ground Road at Fort Cochin in Kochi.

Salt ‘n’ Pepper

This place has nice food, and the streetside tables make an interesting dining experience. Try out the special teapot tipple. It is open 24 hours and you can always expect to pick up a bite here. The food is very cheap and the ambience is interesting.

  • Location: Situated on Tower Road, very close to the tourist information centre at Fort Cochin in Kochi.


If you like tea, you'll love it here. The name gives away the décor as in this café you will find teapots from every part of the world. There is a choice of more than a dozen different types of Indian tea on the menu. If you are a coffee drinker, they have that as well. The sandwiches, pastries and meals are yummy and you must try out 'Death by Chocolate' here. You can take a break from the heritage walk if the sun is getting to you and fortify yourself. This place is open from morning to evening and is reasonably priced.

  • Location: Peter Celli St. Just behind St. Francis Church in Fort Cochin.


This eatery offers a reasonably priced buffet for lunch and dinner. There are more than a dozen dishes at each meal and the menu changes each day. A variety of cuisines make an appearance in an orderly manner through out the week. Alcohol is not served here, but soft drinks are available. They do not constitute part of the buffet menu for the meal.

  • Location: Situated in Casino Hotel, on Willingdon Island in south Kochi. In addition the mainland of Ernakulam has its Pizza Hut, Hot Breads, and general fast food places as well.
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