Cochin (Kochi) Hotels and Travel Guide

Everything you Need to Know about Kochi

Formerly known as Kochi, this city has long attracted traders throughout history. Spices and ivory were the main merchandises and the city grew rich on the proceeds. As with other colonial towns the city has old churches and forts. One major draw are the giant fishing nets used here by the locals which were influenced by the Chinese way back in the 16th century. Portuguese occupation, followed by the British Raj, has both left their mark on the architecture. The Malabar Coast is lined with islands which actually make up the town.

If you able to take in a performance, try and go see the 'Kathakali Dance'. The masks and costumes of the dancers are very bold and the makeup is unique. The dances usually recount popular folk tales and scenes from the Ramayan, India’s oldest epic. 'Kalarippayat' is the traditional martial arts form practiced in Kerela. Taught since the 12th century, masters train their students in a gymnasium, usually located in a temple. The school emphasizes strict discipline. Typical Malabar cuisine is famous for its rich, spicy, coconut-based graves.

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Kochi (Cochin) Travel Guide

  • Kochi Attractions

    Cochin (Kochi) Attractions

    Traveling in Cochin consists a lot of the time of island hopping. While the northern islands are nowadays connected by Read More»

  • All Hotels in Kochi

    All Hotels in Cochin (Kochi)

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  • Kochi Restaurants

    Cochin (Kochi) Restaurants

    Cochin is a traditional Indian municipality which has suddenly found itself playing host to foreigners since the tourist Read More»

  • Kochi Shopping

    Cochin (Kochi) Shopping

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  • Kochi Information

    Cochin (Kochi) Information

    Cochin is actually a municipality situated on various islands and parts of the mainland. It does not have an Read More»

  • Kochi Maps

    Cochin (Kochi) Maps

    Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as Read More»

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Cochin (Kochi)

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