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What to Do in Kerala

The festivals of Kerala are ideal for in-depth learning about the local culture and its many traditions. There are plenty of them, well distributed all throughout the year, just make sure that you find a local to explain what they're about so you can benefit from and understand them better. Besides the festivals there are a number of other activities that you can enjoy here. Some of them are listed below.

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Water and Amusement Parks

Almost each city in the state has a couple of amusement parks on its outskirts. They usually have separate water and dry rides. They have lockers for your valuables and you may even hire out swimwear. Ladies are advised to not bare too much skin, if they don’t want to be stared at all through the outing.

Veega land (Kochi), Malabar Fun City(Calicut), Fantasy Park (Pakkad), Happyland Amusement Park (Thiruvanthapuram) are a few that can be visited. Most of them are excursions of about an hour outside the main cities.

Golf Courses

There are only four golf courses in Kerala and these are located at the following places.

Cochin Golf Club

This golf course is located on an island in the middle of Kochi and can only be approached by boat, which makes an interesting experience for any golf aficionado.

  • Location: Bolghatti island, Kochi, Kerala
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High Range Golf Club

This 18-hole golf course is set amongst the plantations at the Old Tea Planting District of Munnar and is open to all comers.

  • Location: Munnar, Idukki, Kerala
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Kundale Golf Club

One of the charming things about this golf course is that, being located in such a remote area, it still does not have a phone. Membership is restricted to local plantation owners for this 9-hole course, but non-members are allowed to play if introduced by a member.

  • Location: Top Station, 29 km from Munnar, Idukki, Kerala

Trivandrum Golf Club

This 9-hole course is open to non-members on payment of green fees. It was established in 1850 by the Maharaja of Travancore and is situated right next to the Maharaja’s palace.

  • Location: Golf Links Road, Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala
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Scuba Diving

It is possible to do some scuba diving in Kerala and enjoy the rich variety of underwater life. Kochi and Thiruvanthapuram both offer opportunities for scuba diving. You should check out their itineraries and the equipment available before picking a company.

Just make sure that you don’t pick a day with bad weather as it can spoil the dive. Also remember not to move out too far into the ocean away from the safety zone. A basic level of physical fitness is a must if you wish to do some scuba diving.


'Ayur' is life and 'Veda' means science in Sanskrit and so Ayurveda would literally translate into 'the science of life'. Ayurvedic rejuvenating massage treatments are available in all major cities. These practitioners use fresh medicinal herbs along with aromatic oils and special massage techniques to release tension and relax the muscles. Make sure that you choose a place that has a good word of mouth reputation. If there is an in-house Ayurvedic doctor, it is bound to be even better. 

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