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Where to Shop and What to Buy in Goa

The flea markets are most popular shopping option in Goa. There are second hand markets set up almost each day of the week in various areas; you just need to know where to go. Asking a local will help you or you can just head for Anjuna on a Wednesday to get a feel of things. Watch out for inflated rates that you will have to bring down with a fair amount of (polite) haggling.

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Anjuna Flea Market

This Wednesday market at Anjuna is a great place to shop for jewelry, leather goods, clothing, sunglasses, sarongs, bags, handicrafts, secondhand goods, books, and a whole lot more. Be prepared to haggle over everything you want to buy. Even stage a mock walk off if the vendor refuses to relent, usually they will come down considerably from their initial price. You can also pick up some blankets from the girls at the flea market who actually made them.

There is a wide range of joss sticks and spiritual goods on offer as well. The Kashmir dealers will try and sell you some pashmina shawls and scarves. Be warned that genuine pashmina is never sold here; the wool is always mixed with some other fine wool. Still the material is lovely and good for a gift. Warning: Do not get your ears cleaned by the professional ear cleaners floating around!

  • Location: At Anjuna about three km from the bus stand and just next to the beach. You can walk on to the beach after you finish with the shopping.
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Ingo’s and Mackies Flea Market

If you miss the Wednesday flea market at Anjuna, don’t worry you can catch the night edition at Ingo’s and Mackies. Their Saturday Night Bazaar is essentially a replay of the Anjuna flea market. The locals are more likely to shop here than tourists. There is live music and food, which contributes to the festive feel of the market.Also the pesky salesmen trying to coerce you in to buying a sari or a drum or pashmina shawls are not as insistent here as they are at Anjuna.

In fact a lot of the stalls have only a couple of people in attendance as opposed to the multiple staff at the Anjuna flea market. Also you have the added attraction of tailors who will replicate anything that you give them within two days. A suit, a dress, a blouse, anything that can be stitched, try it out.

  • Location: At Ingo’s in Apora, midway between Anjuna and Baga.


If you want to pick up spices such as cinnamon, cumin, fennel, cardamom, white poppy seeds, star anise, peppercorn, nutmeg, cassia bark, dried red chilies, coriander seeds, and turmeric, head for the Friday market at Mapusa. This is a wholesale market where the most popular eateries in town do their shopping. You can also pick up wine and do look out for the port wines in pouches. They can be carried for short trips and excursions.

The cashews are also available here in freshly packed and salted plus roasted versions. There is also a section with cotton clothes where you can pick up some beach wear at very reasonable rates. Be careful in the fresh vegetables and fruit lane as the ground is usually littered with muddy puddles and you could slip easily. Interestingly the name Mapusa comes from the Konkani words 'map' and 'sa' literally meaning 'measure' and 'fill.'

  • Location: Very close to the bus stand at Mapusa. Get off at the bus stand and walk into the market behind.
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