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While the capital of Goa is Panjim, the action is not in the city centre but on the beaches all along the coast of the Arabian Sea. Local 'Shacks' are seasonal structures that pop up on the beaches with the arrival of the first batch of tourists each year. Most of them are closed during the monsoon as the area gets decidedly waterlogged in rainy season. However in season the Shacks are strong competition to the permanent restaurants and eateries in the vicinity of the beaches.

To enjoy the beaches maybe it's best to take a long walk in the early morning sun. Most beaches melt into one another and it is possible to start walking at Fort Aguada and cross Candolim, Calangute and reach Baga before hitting a natural wall of rock that will end your progress. The Goan people are the most laid-back and relaxed lot in all of India. They love to party and in each house there is always someone who can play the guitar. The sound of music drifting on the evening breeze mingled with some singing is quite common here. Food is centre stage with non-vegetarian fare being quite the staple. Enjoy it all with a glass of your favourite tipple.

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Where to Stay in Goa Where to Stay in Goa

Once the stomping ground of hundreds of hippies, Goa is now firmly on the tourist trail. Guaranteed sunshine, modern resort hotels and value for money make it a popular winter destination.  Read More...

Goa Attractions Goa Attractions

If beach parties with loud music and wild dancing are not the only thing that you are looking for, try and get a look around historical Goa. There are many fascinating and old churches,... Read More...

Goa Restaurants Goa Restaurants

While many people prefer the fresh food of the beach shacks served out under the starry sky, you might not appreciate it on a windy night when sand flies onto your plate. Read More...

Goa Nightlife Goa Nightlife

Given Goa's recent history as a place where hordes of hippies 'turned on, tuned in and dropped out' one would be forgiven for thinking that a typical Goan nightlife,... Read More...

Goa Shopping Goa Shopping

The flea markets are most popular shopping option in Goa. There are second hand markets set up almost each day of the week in various areas; you just need to know where to go. Read More...

Goa Activities Goa Activities

When you think of the Goa, the image of a palm tree on a beach with the sun setting over the ocean rushes to your mind. The beaches of Goa are undeniably its biggest draw and,... Read More...


Goa information Goa information

You can get to Goa by air, train or road. If coming from Mumbai people might prefer to drive down via the ghats or take the Konkran Railway that runs along the coast. Both are equally picturesque routes. Read More...

Goa Maps Goa Maps

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. Read More...

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