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Chennai is the smallest of India’s four 'metro cities' and still retains its small-town roots and feel. It is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which brought the dance form of Bahratnayam to the world. The language of the state is Tamil and is very different from the Hindi commonly spoken in northern parts of India. Most people are conversant with English, although the Southern Indian accent may leave you somewhat defeated. The town has a very unique cultural identity as it is not a melting pot of many different influences. Chennai's inhabitants can be quite orthodox in their way of life.

The city is also host to Marina Beach which at 13km is the longest beach in India and was greatly affected by the 2004 tsunami. An agreeable place to visit in the evenings, it also hosts 'Tollywood' or the Tamil movie-making centre. Tollywood is quite a robust industry and, while not as large as the one in Mumbai, movies in the regional language give it an edge as most of the local population do not understand Hindi and prefer Tamil-language films. Some old buildings built by the British are local attractions.


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Where to Stay in Chennai Where to Stay in Chennai

There is plenty of accommodation in Chennai and the growing tourist industry there, although unfamiliar in the past to locals, is slowly but surely making inroads into the psyche of the town,... Read More...

Chennai Attractions Chennai Attractions

The city of Chennai has a very active conscience and as a result, the people here are very environmentally alert. There have been many conservation measures taken by the local populace and,... Read More...

Chennai Restaurants Chennai Restaurants

Unlike in Bangalore or Mumbai, the locals in Chennai are not very open to experimentation when it comes to food. This is why most of the restaurants here serve typical south Indian fare with slight variations on north Indian food. Read More...

Chennai Nightlife Chennai Nightlife

A typical night out in Chennai usually consists of the family unit going out to catch a movie and eating dinner in a restaurant. There is no drinking in the traditional family as it is frowned upon. Read More...

Chennai Shopping Chennai Shopping

Chennai is world famous for its clothes shopping opportunities. There local markets solely dedicated to clothing stores and the choices, along with the prices, are truly amazing, making this a shopping destination in its own right. Read More...

Chennai Activities Chennai Activities

Chennai is the smallest of the four Indian main 'metro cities', nevertheless there are a lot of activities to choose from. The locals are still quite traditional but this doesn't stop them having fun at a water amusement park or on the golf links. Read More...


Chennai Information Chennai Information

To get from the airport into town in comfort use a prepaid taxi from the booth at the terminal. Another way to get into town is to walk the half kilometer to Tirusulam Station and take a MRTS train into town. This will naturally be cheaper than the prepaid taxi. Read More...

Chennai Maps Chennai Maps

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. Read More...

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