10 Best Cheap Hotels in India

10 Best India Hotels for less than 50US$

Our list of the 10 best cheap hotels in India will perfectly suit independent travellers who follow the famous quote: when in Rome do as the Romans do. In fact, the best way to discover a country is to live and mingle as much as possible with its inhabitants, roam the streets, eat local and enjoy a simple life. It helps you to come across a lot of moving or stunning sceneries, witness amusing idiosyncrasies, and learn a lot about different cultures.

India is reputed to be an amazing cultural shock for westerners. Staying at one of our 10 best India hotels for less than US$50 will not only allow you to save a fair amount of money for your holidays, but it will also give you the unique opportunity to discover a fascinating country from its roots. Check out the hotels on offer below, they may be cheap yet their presence on this page makes their quality of accommodation undeniable.

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